Saturday, September 14, 2013

Zendala dare 72 and new tangle pattern Well

So the next dare was to use a pen of a different size - either thicker or thinner than the 01 micron and use ONLY that size. That was the big challenge for me. I like to use various sizes depending on the complexity of the tangle pattern. Anyway I decided to use the Sharpie pen - I don't know it's size but it seems to be somewhere between a 05 and 08 micron. I used the new pattern Well as the only one on here. I preferred going all in one direction which made it look different than going first to the left then to the right. Also some of it is a partial variation stopping before the last line on the "petal" part. I like the movement it has.


Anne's tangle blog said...

A lovely combinations of teh Dare and the Challenge. The movement is great in this zendala.

LonettA said...

Wonderful zendala! I like the way you used Well here!

North County Film Club said...

It's really moving! And pretty.