Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Repeat Pattern stack

At church on Sunday I started this pattern stack. I was thinking about our community garden and the fall harvest. Our pumpkins are already orange and we have so much butternut and acorn squash out there ready to be harvested. Still mid summer here and do we have even one watermelon? Nope. Screwy garden. This is for the pattern stack challenge.

 I will probably do more and add them here as I go.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Triple threat challenge this week

I am enjoying all the challenges that are out there but I do not have time to do them all. So combining them is the answer and makes for a even more challenging challenge. That has always been my thing, take something hard and make it harder or take something fun and make it funner (is funner a word?)So today I finished a zendala from an "old" template zendala dare #2. I used tangles beginning with EFG&H to complete another dare and tangle Ennis is filled with the tangle Tipple which happens to be the diva challenge for the week (that was just a happy accident). I will probably use tipple in other things this week because I tend to use it a lot.

The tangles I used are Ennis (filled with tipple), Floatfest, Gloven & Hurry

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

NonDom weekly challenge #132

Oh boy this one was definitely a challenge. to use Bales as a monotangle using your non-dominant hand! I had to really think about this one. Bales is not a tangle that I had used before so first what I did was do a practice doodle with my right hand to get a feel for the pattern.
I was using a micron 01 pen but that one seemed to be running out of ink so I switched to  a fine point sharpie and jumped in.

Not too bad all things considered. I learned a few things about the process and myself. First, I had to really SLOW down. in order to control the pen with muscles that are not used to doing this kind of work I had to go slow and steady. I think I could increase my speed with a lot of practice.
Second, I found that if I drew a line in the opposite way than how I would do it right handed it worked better. I usually draw my lines from the top of the page downward and from left to right. The lines that came out best were when I was pulling the pen from bottom to top and right to left.
Third, I had to let go of my notions of perfect and just enjoy the Zen of drawing. By the end I was actually beginning to loosen up and enjoy the flow. Perhaps I will try more ZIA with my left hand using patterns that just flow from that side.

A prayerful weekend

This weekend was tough on me. I have two good friends who are going through some personal crisis. Both are having health issues combined with other stresses at home and work. I have been praying fervently for both of them. If anyone would like to join me in prayer they both need healing, wisdom, comfort and grace. Maybe a miracle would be nice too.

I used the Zendala Dare #70 and the ABC tangle challenge combined on a large scale 8x8 prayer Zendala. 

I used Arc Flower, Brayd, Cubine, Clothesline and DL Nebula patterns in this

Friday, August 9, 2013

Two Challenges

So this week I tackled two challenges. The first one is The Diva's Weekly Challenge #130 UMT v. XIX: Henna Drum. 

 I did it as a quick tile size drawing.

The other challenge was  Mindful Creations challenge Adventure #19 - Cracked. I did this in the middle of the heart on this birthday card I made for my sister.

I had a lot of fun creating my sister's birthday gift. I need to do step outs for the PlumLei flower tangle because I don't think anyone else has done this tangle before.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gift Tangles

I had a ton of things to do this week. Got inspired to tangle a pot for a new plant for a gift. That was a learning experience. The pot came out pretty good. I used Sharpie markers to do the patterns and then sealed with a clear spray. I might have not needed the clear coat but I wanted to make sure that it would hold up for a while at least. The experiment really killed my sharpies though. The extreme texture was like using my markers on sandpaper. I still have a lot of ink left in these pens, but I will have to mark them somehow to be used only on less critical projects. No more fine points on these puppies.

our plumeria

my inspiration

Partially done using my tangle PlumLei

Close up of the texture that chewed the tips of my Sharpie markers


Looks awesome with the plumeria plant

this plant was bigger than I thought.

And now to add a picture of the card I gave too - Can't forget the card!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Weekly Challenge #129

So I'm sitting at work with no cell phone and no ipod. It's break time and I pull out this little bitty notebook and remembered this challenge. Whipped this puppy out in a bout 10 minutes. I think it looks pretty good. It got a teensy bit smudged -  there was some water on the table. (Note to self- wipe table before sitting down)
Weekly Challenge #129: String Theory v. XXV: TanglelPatterns String#004