Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gift Tangles

I had a ton of things to do this week. Got inspired to tangle a pot for a new plant for a gift. That was a learning experience. The pot came out pretty good. I used Sharpie markers to do the patterns and then sealed with a clear spray. I might have not needed the clear coat but I wanted to make sure that it would hold up for a while at least. The experiment really killed my sharpies though. The extreme texture was like using my markers on sandpaper. I still have a lot of ink left in these pens, but I will have to mark them somehow to be used only on less critical projects. No more fine points on these puppies.

our plumeria

my inspiration

Partially done using my tangle PlumLei

Close up of the texture that chewed the tips of my Sharpie markers


Looks awesome with the plumeria plant

this plant was bigger than I thought.

And now to add a picture of the card I gave too - Can't forget the card!

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Deby Lake said...

This is so beautiful, your designs are perfect!