Monday, November 4, 2013

Diva dare #142 - out of the comfort zone

I noticed that very few people actually posted this challenge on the facebook groups. Most of the time we are proud of what we do and are eager to post when we try a new pattern or figure out a great new way to combine things, but this time I think everyone just hated the final products. The challenge was to go out of the comfort zone and do something completely different.  Here is mine.
I didn't even bother to take a proper photo. Just a web cam quickie. I used dark paper, white pencil (I had no white pens), and a grid pattern. I must say I am getting better at doing grids, but they still come out a bit fluid because that's how I roll. I am not really happy with the results, but I am proud that I DID share this tile because each new learning experience is valuable.

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NancyD said...

You should be proud! It looks great. NancyD