Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Seroiusly lost in the sea of life

I had such good intentions when starting this blog. I had tons of time on my hands and things were swell. Then things got less swell and I found fewer and fewer free minutes in my day. Now I struggle to keep up with my friends on facebook and deal with life in general. Things are looking up and I'm becoming happier, but I still am struggling with time management. Perhaps my problem is the number of things I want to do in a day. Healing, crafts, blogging, facebook, messaging my husband, sleeping, going to work, something ends up going by the wayside. Healing is my #1 priority so that includes the messages with my husband and friends on facebook Unfortunately I have to work and lately the hours are getting longer again so I guess that is #2. then sleep and everything else comes under that...so blogging is a distant number on the list. One day it will be closer to the top, but for now ... it is what it is.... I guess that also is part of my healing. Things are what they are.....and it's becoming OK. THANKFUL.

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