Monday, July 8, 2013

My new passion - Zentangle Inspired Art

So I have totally neglected my blog for quite some time. It's not that I had nothing to say but more like I had no time to say it. I recently discovered Zentangle and am going full force at it. The art of putting the patterns down on paper and creating a beautiful image are very calming. I found the Zentangle when researching "Praying in Color" for the upcoming women's retreat. Praying in color idea is more freestyle doodling than the set patterns of tangling, but I have combined them to do praying while doing ZIA (zentangle inspired Art) The first one here is one of the first I did. This was done right after I heard that our good friend Walter had passed away.

This second one I did while praying for Dean's foot surgery. It includes the bump to be removed and the surgeon's hand.

This third one is one I did during Walter's funeral. Inspired by his love of Karen's Garden

And this last one is my personal favorite -  The one I did for little Miss Braveheart

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